Tuesday 19 August 2014

Swoon Update

I have been "swooning" with several quilty friends. A finished her six blocks (all the same fabric) in no time at all. C was behind me for awhile because of trips out of the country (and I was sure I was going to be able to beat her to the finish line) but then she got home and was a machine and finished all nine. Bah.

But my blocks are all finished and I love them!
It is hard to even take a picture with them all because it is so large!
I decided that I needed some sashing between each block and settled on 3.5" strips. Those have since been added. Now I just need a border around the outside and this quilt top is finished! I think it will stay unbasted and unquilted for awhile, though, because there seems to be a new baby boom around me and I have some baby quilts to whip up! Four before November!

I also wanted to share  my birthday gift from my hubby:
Violet Craft's Brambleberry Ridge. Hubby is smart. When you send him a link to exactly what you want, that is.
And when we went to Stratford for our anniversary for a play (King Lear) and dinner (at Renee's- delicious!!) I made a stop at their LQS (Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe) and scooped a few fat quarters.
I love the front two Robert Kaufman prints as inspiration points for a whole quilt. The Christmas fabric is to back some panels from Laurie Wisbrun that I bought to make this Christmas. 
I have since also done much more shopping. It is totally unreasonable how much fabric I have. I read blogs with people who have hundreds of WIPs and that makes me ill to think about. But apparently I can have thousands of yards of fabric without blinking! I need to go on another fabric diet...


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  1. Your Swoon blocks are looking lovely! I love that RF Hexie fabric... I used it in a recent quilt. Wish I could find more at my LQS! As for not buying any more fabric - fabric fast, smabric fast! Well, unless you've had to go on an all Mr. Noodle diet to compensate for your fabric expenditures... :)