Saturday 21 January 2017

A Matter of Size

I have had this notion in my head that I would put together slabs from my extensive scraps and use my 10'x10" ruler to cut them into blocks. It is one of those "one day" projects.

Then this morning my youngest, a newly minted three-year-old, wanted to "play fabric" which means taking out my scrap bins and laying out the bits of fabric in ways she thinks are pretty. I started pulling orange scraps and soon had this in front of me:
Very improv fabric bits
Well, then I had to sew it together. I had it right there, after all. And so I put together this slab:
This seemed about ready for me to use the ruler.
When I actually put the ruler on the slab? It is actually quite comical. I think I did not have a true sense of scale when I was improv-ing my heart out.
I think I was a little over enthusiastic.
But rather than missing all those little blocks, I decided to cut it at 15" x 15" to preserve those precious bits and this is the end result:
Here is the orange block!
Now that I have made one I know that at any point I can just dig into my scraps and whip up another colour. Eventually I will have enough to put together into a VERY colourful quilt.

Improv piecing is fun, and using precious baby scraps (like that Basket print on the far bottom right or the Lotta scrap at the bottom left) is very rewarding. No measuring, no careful cutting...fabric therapy!


  1. I love these kinds of blocks!! Yours looks great!

  2. It looks great. Good luck with future colours.

  3. Looks fab and your kid has great taste! I think she might become your sewing buddy.

  4. Love how this turned out. I haven't made any slab blocks in a while and I feel like the wee bits in my bins are piling up. They're a great block to pick away at over time!