Wednesday 4 January 2017

Aviatrix Progress

True to my plans for 2017, I have pulled out all the bags and bits and instructions for my Aviatrix Medallion- which has been in a bag all together for at least a year- and got myself back in the game with it.
This code sheet is no joke. You could not make this quilt without it.
I had the HSTs all pressed and trimmed and never got around to making this first border, so that went on first, followed by the solid grey border. This step got me very motivated because the borders went on pretty smoothly (I am not the most accurate of quilters and so the piecing accuracy of a medallion is intimidating).
Centre and Border 1
When I got to work on Border 2 I decided to set up a grid on my design wall so I could keep track of all the parts. This made it much easier (plus it looks pretty!)
Border 2 in progress

Border 2 on the quilt.
Border 2 went on smoother than I thought it would too. My piecing has obviously improved. It certainly isn't perfect (and my quilty friend C's Aviatrix Medallion is) but it fit really well.

Then I got to Border 3. Yikes. This one took a long time.
The trimmings sure are pretty.

So many steps to make the X blocks.
The resulting blocks are pretty beautiful. However when I put on the first strip, it was about 1/2" too short. Then I put on the bottom strip and it was 1/2" too long. Um. That's probably not good. I made it work with some stretching but I am rather concerned for the next few borders.
X-blocks take a long time.
I read on someone's Instagram that Border 4 is haaaaaaard because it is small and fiddly. That has me a bit concerned. I'm slowing down a bit because my husband is back to work this week so I can't steal away for an hour here and there and because I actually have to get some of my work done before I go back to work Monday.

Wish me motivation to get this quilt top done!


  1. This one looks SO tough... I recently bought the kit, but mostly because the fabric was pretty cheap (through Craftsy) and I love the colours in this one! It's a really lovely pattern, but eek! And good luck!

  2. It looks awesome! Good luck with the next step.