Tuesday 10 January 2017

Snail Along

Over on Instagram there is lots of quilting activity which is primarily how I use my account. When @gnomeangel posted about the Garden Snail Quilt pattern from Pen and Paper Patterns and a Snail Along I knew I wanted to join. 
(Picture courtesy of Pen and Paper Patterns)

You need to make one snail a week for 42 weeks (to make a twin sized quilt) and post it on #snailday (Sunday) with certain tags. You are then eligible for prizes. I just like the idea of a very manageable project that is also soooooo cute.

I've decided to use Kona Silver as my background colour and Kona Charcoal as the snail body. All the shells will be Lizzy House fabrics in colour order. I'm super excited!

Here was me laying out my very first block to figure out the tricks of the pattern:
Snail in progress.
And here he is all put together:
Goldie the snail! His shell is from Lizzy's Catnap line.
Once I got into the pattern I discovered that there is more to consider than just the fabric choices. You make half the snails pointed one way and half the other way. That meant more planning than I had originally considered. My sewing table has been a mess while I plan ever since!
If you want to take 100 fabrics and narrow it to 42 in rainbow order you need to have a plan!
Now I'm just waiting for some scraps from quilty friend C who has some of Lizzy's Constellations prints that I don't have. Look for a quilt top finish of snails in November!


  1. Colour order will be awesome! Is it quilts friend C giving you fabric, or do you have another A friend?

  2. Good luck. Those are great Kona colours.

  3. You sucked me in. Now I have to make a snail before Sunday. Whenever I'm up against that deadline, I'll be thinking of you!