Friday 3 May 2019

Doctor Who Self-Assigned BOM

I purchased this pattern from Quiet Play some time ago, a pattern she made in collaboration with The Joyful Fox. I am a Doctor Who fan (though to be honest I only started watching at the Ninth Doctor, the recent reboot) and was enamoured with the pattern but figured it would be ages before I could make it. Unless...

Unless I made myself accountable. There are twelve doctors and twelve months (okay, so we are actually on the Thirteenth Doctor and also there is the Wartime Doctor but if you don't know anything about Doctor Who just trust me on this) so I made myself a BOM. Every month in 2019 I will make one of the 12 doctors and come December I can put them into a quilt!

Here are my first four Doctors:
First Doctor

Second Doctor

Third Doctor

Fourth Doctor 

Here are the four blocks all together.
Rather than making them all have the same background colour, I decided to use The Joyful Fox's original prints as colour inspiration so I will have a RAINBOW DOCTOR WHO QUILT GIVE ME A WHAT WHAT.

These patterns are tricky, and I wish some of the tiny pieces were better labelled so I would know where background vs shirt vs skin tone would be, but I love the results and find them quite striking. Here's to another 8 months of Doctors!


  1. These look so phenomenal Lynn! I'm looking forward to seeing them all together.