Wednesday 3 July 2019

Thank you Rose: A Finished Quilt

As is the case everywhere in the quilting world, I am not spending time on my blog. Instagram is giving me the fix that blogging once did except I see this still as what I always intended which is to track my finished quilts. So prepare for some finished quilt posts!

This one is called Thank You Rose and is for my daughter's grade five teacher. We had some ups and downs with this teacher this year but ultimately she did try her best with my daughter and she was very moved by the quilt. 

It is made with the strips I won at last year's West End Modern Quilt Guild Strip Poker game mixed with Essex Yarn Dyed Linen (I'm not sure which colour, but light grey?). It is supposed to be sort of rainbow order-ish and I quite like how it turned out. Ultimately it is just a lot of 16-patch blocks sewn together to make the colour gradation thing happen.

I just did simple echo quilting along every seam which I think was simple and effective.

For the backing I had this pretty print but not enough so I pieced in strip of a text fabric (Alison Glass) that is hard to see here.
The year is complete, the quilt is gifted, and now my daughter ventures into Grade 6!

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