Thursday 4 July 2019

Meadowland QAL

I have wanted to make a Meadowland Quilt ever since Then Came June released her pattern. I bought the pattern but assumed it would sit, as many patterns have, waiting to be made. Then it was announced there would be a Quilt Along and I figured that was my push to actually get one done!

Not to be reasonable, I decided to try to make TWO Meadowland quilts at the same time. One for my daughter with a bundle I curated close to two years ago and one with a bundle to make a quilt as a gift that is for secret sewing.
These are the two bundles I curated. Secret sewing on the left, quilt for my daughter (who is 10) on the right.
A closer look at the bundle for my daughter's quilt.
The piles to make the blocks seemed huge.
Mixing and matching them was interesting having never done it before. I learned afterwards that I prefer more monochromatic blocks.
First five done.
Look how cute one block looks!

The finished quilt top didn't come out quite how I intended (I decided I like a bit more restraint in colour to make this pattern pop) but I will finish it this summer and move on to the next one (that I need to get done for a September gift!)

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