Sunday 21 April 2013

Why I Don't Need a Quilt Magazine Subscription

I loooooove magazines. I also love reading literature but magazines are such a satisfying, quick indulgence that I can't resist them. I think I became particularly obsessed with magazines when I was on maternity leave because I didn't have time to read whole books but I could fit in some magazine articles. Our family currently has 11 magazine subscriptions (my husband and daughter each have two, the rest, sadly, are mine). And yet...I do NOT need a quilt magazine subscription.

Instead, I occasionally take some quilt magazines out of the library, flip through them and determine quickly that I was glad I didn't buy them. In reality I have enough books and patterns to keep me quilting for at least 5 years and the quilts in these magazines are never really modern enough to get me excited. Also, the articles never really do it for me. I like learning from bloggers!

Here is a batch I recently went through:

And there are the patterns that caught my eye:
Candy Corn by Lissa Alexander in Issue Apr/May 2013 of Quilt
Sea Glass Mosaic by Jocelyn Ueng in Issue Feb/March 2013 of Quilt
These are probably the most modern patterns of any of the quilts in the magazines (not surprisingly).

But do I love either of them enough to even want to photocopy these patterns? Not really. And so these are sent back to the library, and I go back to my books and patterns already purchased, happy that I do not have a quilting magazine subscription.

Do any of you subscribe to a quilt magazine? If so, which one(s) and why?

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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  1. I do the same thing, well.. I work in a store that sells magazines, so I flip through them periodically and yeah... 9 out of 10 have nothing of particular interest to me. I thought maybe some of the newer magazines (Quilty) would be of more interest, but I haven't bought one of them yet either. There's so much online, too, that there hardly seems to be much point in buying something that'll take up space and probably never get used anyway.