Tuesday 10 September 2013

Little Red: A Finished Quilt

My lifelong friend and her husband recently had their first child, a sweet little girl. My friend, C, has a mom who quilts beautifully (and all by hand!) and an aunt who has quilted for more than twenty years. I told her I didn't need to make her a quilt if she didn't want me to (certainly Baby A will have lots of quilts in her life) but my friend wanted me to because she loves my modern fabric choices.

The day I found out they were having a girl I ordered a fat quarter bundle of Riley Blake's Little Red Riding Hood fabric by Tasha Noel. I then weeded out the pinks (a little too pink for my taste) and some of the more in-your-face greens and reds, and went with the turquoise and grey colours. I then supplemented from my stash and created a bundle I was happy with.

I chose a pattern from Camille Rosekelley's book Simply Retro, The Sweet Life, and got to work on this quilt. It took me longer than I had hoped. And I made it 3x4 instead of 4x4. And I forgot the borders.


I think it looks awesome. Whimsical and modern with a touch of little girl old fashioned cuteness to even it out.

Here is Little Red:
This is from the reject photo shoot. The lighting was all wrong. Check out my hubby behind the quilt! (He was super thrilled about having to do two photo shoots in two days. He told me the next quilt needs to be less wide).
One of my favourite blocks.

Another favourite block because it is a little wonky. This fat quarter had that polka dot and a strip of white storyline. I like the unusual star it created!
The scrappy pieced back. I love backs like this.  My hubby hates it. I think the mom of the baby who got this liked it, though!
I purposely made one extra block to add to the back. Cute, right?
Hanging over her crib

Baby A enjoying her new quilt for some tummy time!
Is there anything better for a quilter than a picture of the cutie on the quilt?
I think the overall result is fun and girly and somewhat modern. The pattern stretched my skills and the colours are perfect for this adorable little bundle.


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  1. This is beautiful - love the photo of hubby, mine has to hold up quilts too! Well done :)

  2. What a wonderful quilt! The pictures with the baby are precious!


  3. Very nice, and I am a fan of Aneela Hooey so that is probably my favorite block too!

  4. I AGREE!!Love your quilt finish!
    val from myplvl.blogspot.com