Wednesday 1 January 2014

2014 Quilting Goals

Last year's 2013 quilting goals were perhaps a bit...well, insane, really. 

I had 8 specific quilts on the list and managed to make 7 of them (I didn't manage to make my dad's Architextures quilt, which I had even shifted to my December list and still didn't get to).

I also had these projects listed:

Other 2013 Quilts/Projects To Make
  • Box pouch with zipper (scary!) DONE! I made one for my daughter and one for my sister-in-law.
  • HST quilt in all Kona solids Hah. Didn't get to this one. I have the fabric all picked out, though!
  • Paper piecing (I wonder if I can find a class near me?) I tried this with my Sugar Block Club blocks. It went...poorly. I will definitely try more this year while finishing my SBC blocks. Quilty friends A and C have promised to help.
  • A Plus quilt DONE! I made Plus One for a new baby!
  • At least one quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts and one from Quilting Modern Nope. Not even close. I did make one from Allison Harris' book and from Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley, though.
  • Squares and Strips quilt in orange and turquoise using the tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew Nope. This stack is still sitting waiting for me.
  • Tumbler quilt DONE! I made one for the baby across the street and one for my nephew. Wait, did I ever blog that first tumbler quilt? I have to do some looking at my own blog!
  • Something with my Lotta fabric Nope. Well, a bit was in Plus One. But I don't think that counts. Hmmmm.
When I look at it, I did accomplish specific quilts but not much on the other list. And when I think that I finished 19 quilts, that is still pretty darn good for my second year of quilting.

Okay, so I need a 2014 Quilting Goals List. Here it is:
-Indian Summer Quilt for new baby

-Work on SBC blocks from 2013
-Rainbow wall hanging quilt for new baby and work on SBC blocks
-Cat quilt along blocks
-Baby quilt for my friend K who is expecting a little boy in April
-Architextures Quilt for my dad. Finally. I should start this one early to make sure it gets done!
-December: Red and white quilt for my husband's step-grandmother (hard to explain, but she is so lovely and I want to make her one).
-Pink and green quilt for the twins' older sister, M
-Star Wars quilt for a little boy turning 9 this year

Other projects, if I can:
  • I bought some soft books from Jo Ann's that I want to try to make for a few babies I know
  • I want to make a pillow for the baby's room and some for the new pull-out sofa bed in my guest room
  • I plan to make my daughter's SK teacher a book bag for June as a thank you gift (and fill it with some books!)
These goals are pretty reasonable. I hope! What are your goals?


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