Sunday 30 March 2014

March Solids and Some Backings

March is continuing to be part of the never ending winter of 2013-2014. Cold, cold, cold. So much snow. So many snow days. Temperatures below -20 celsius. I think perhaps Sew Sisters picked a very cheery spring photograph to give us hope. We need it.

The picture makes you think of sweeping fields of tulips and a warm spring breeze. 

From left to right: Bonsai, Sunny, Pansy, Tangerine
I already have a place in my heart for Bonsai (I'm using some in the Star Wars quilt I'm making), and the Sunny and Tangerine are bright and lovely. The Pansy is totally awful, in my opinion. I am not a purple person anyway, and this sweet violet-like purple is not to my taste. I'll have to think of something to do with it (my daughter loves it).

 While I was on the Sew Sisters website the other day, I perused their clearance fabrics and found some beauties. Three are destined for backings. The red and white will be, not surprisingly, for the red and white quilt I am making. The other two do not have destinations yet. That lovely grey is Kona Silver and is destined to be the background for an eventual Swoon quilt. You know, in all my free time.
Art Gallery Modernology print on the far left, Kona Silver and two prints I'm not sure about.
Updated: from left to right: Modernology A La Mode Grey, Kona Shadow, Bespoken Beaded Gems Topaz and Good Life Collection Window Scarlet
By now I seem to be an expert at buying fabric. Perhaps now I need more time and energy dedicated to making things with all these fabrics?



  1. Don't you just love getting those Kona FQs in the mail from Sew Sisters? They were definitely a cheery little bit of spring when I ripped that envelope open this week! I do wish they'd go back to some monochromatic packs though - seems like the last three have been purple, yellow, green, red in varying shades.

  2. The third print is another Art Gallery one from Bespoken by Pat Bravo.

    I forget where you're at - Ontario? - but it's just all snow and winter that won't quit out here (Calgary) too... I feel for you!