Sunday 20 July 2014

July Kona Solids

I was much happier with this month's Kona Solids from Sew Sisters this month. The inspiration photograph was a particularly Canadian- specifically Ontario- summer image. Those chairs by a lake up north? I wish I was there!
Don't you want to be sipping wine in one of those chairs?
I also liked the colours quite a bit (especially after the sickly sweet June offering).
From top down: Zucchini, Sky, Spring and Lapis
I love getting these solids but I am running out of room in my storage bin! Maybe I need to separate them by warm and cool like I do with my scraps? (Where I am also running out of space, don't you know).


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  1. Ooops... I didn't get to the mailbox on Friday. I bet my FQs are waiting for me! I wasn't wild about last month's selection either, but I'm plotting a blog post to help deal with them! I break part my Sew Sisters selections and put them into warm & cool piles. Helps me to actually use them! Are you getting excited for the 32 new colours? #Konadork