Sunday 17 August 2014

Some Progress in Grey

Finding time to blog has been very difficult this summer because I am taking every spare second to sew instead of writing about sewing. I have been getting things done, but nothing finished. Working on three giant quilts at once has meant no finishes in ages. I'm dying for a good finished project!

I have had to do even more seam ripping with those grey quilts. The Pow Wow quilt I had laid all out and then discovered I was many blocks short. Then I discovered I gathered them vertically instead of horizontally as the pattern dictates. Then I gathered them with all the "arrows" pointed the same way. I discovered that last boo boo two rows into sewing. Out came my trusty seam ripper!
Two rows feels like nothing after that mess with the grey plus quilt.
Here is a little taste of the Pow Wow quilt. I LOVE it. I don't want to give it up I love it so much.
Isn't it divine?
I also used the tutorials from the free Spell It With Moda promotion from the blog world to piece letters for each of the quilts. These are on the back. J is getting the plus quilt and E is getting the Pow Wow quilt.
I used scraps to piece these letters. I love the personalized touch.
I got on piecing the backings (fairly straight forward as it is all one print on the back of both (Pearl Bracelets for plus, Pointelle in Shade for the Pow Wow) with just the letters added. I then had two quilts tops finished and two quilt backs finished.
I have since basted the plus quilt and I ran into even more difficulties with the quilting, which I will blog about separately. The quilts look amazing but I think I will feel a bit of relief when they are done!


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  1. Keep plugging away! Those finishes look like they're well on their way! :)