Saturday 27 September 2014

What Would Jenn Do?

Every month I get a lovely bundle of four fat quarters from Sew Sisters; four Kona solids are chosen and sent out based on an inspiration photograph.

Often I'm quite opinionated about which colours - and which bundles-  I like and dislike. Jenn over at A Quarter Inch from the Edge is sort of a Kona genius and she always manages to make the colours work, even if on first glance they are not my thing. This month's stumped even Jenn, though, who stated that this month's bundle is very...brown.

Now, Jenn is also very pregnant, expecting twins late this fall. And she was not feeling the browns nor does she have the energy to find a way to make the browns work. So I channeled her, jumped into my solids stash, and put together some bundles that I thought might meet with her approval. They certainly make me like the browns better!

In each picture below I've put the brown that came in the Sew Sisters bundle in bold so you can see how it played into the bundle.
What about this pretty combo? Left to right: Bison, Cappuccino, Jade Green, Willow, Kale

Or this fun, light bunch? Left to right: Melon, Punch, Bluegrass, Seafoam, Mushroom, Sand

What about a soft, neutral bundle for a low volume quilt? This one feels sort of antique-y. Left to right: Straw, Raffia, Tan, Putty, Snow
What do you think? Did I make the browns seem intentional rather than after thoughts? I certainly feel a wee bit warmer towards them. Though I sure would love some new colours in the next bundle...



  1. I like how you brightened up the browns with other colours!! I belong the the Sew Sister Bargain Lovers Club and most months I love the selection but every once in awhile... eek! I wonder what I'll ever do with them!! I guess we all have different tastes! My quilting buddy also is in the club and our tastes are opposite, so sometimes we trade!! A perfect solution for both of us!!

  2. You did a great job on these bundles Lynn. Ohhhh, but I love that neutral bundle! A "neutral" only quilt is on my mental list of "to do".
    Thanks for showing us this inspiration!
    mgw070 at rogers dot com

  3. I suspect Jenn would love the first collection.

  4. Anja is 100% right. Jenn does love the first collection... she is in fact considering pulling it from her Kona stash to live on the corner of her desk! :) This post made my day... I laughed and laughed. Now I'm a famous Kona Genius. :)