Tuesday 30 December 2014

December Kona Solids

My December Kona solids from Sew Sisters came quite some time ago, but I've been too busy- and there has been too little light- to take a picture.

Here is the inspiration photo. I do like a cute kitty picture!
I don't think my own cats would be as tolerant with a hat and bow on.
And the selections are here:
Left to right: Bone, Ruby, Red and Ivory.
Red is very, very red. Very much a Santa red. The Ruby is more to my taste (which must be why I used a ton of it on my friend's quilt). The Ivory and Bone are pretty interchangeable. The bone has more of an antique colour to it, but both are pretty gentle off-whites.

I think I'm discontinuing my subscription. The solids are stacking up and I'm just not using them. I'm also not as excited every month to receive the package. I think that is a sign to end it, for now. Maybe another subscription is in my future one day!


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  1. I hear you, friend! This package was the confirmation that my decision to change to a new fabric plan was justified. Two whites, two reds. Yawn!