Wednesday 16 March 2016

WIP Wednesday: Variety Reduces Boredom

With the little snippets of time I can carve out for sewing with little people underfoot, I have been back and forth between working on a Greek Cross baby quilt (tentatively named AirPlus) and assembling the Quilt of Belonging. 

I was feeling unmotivated to work on the Greek crosses because it involves lots of monotonous chain piecing (to be efficient). So I made one block to motivate me...and it worked!
How cute is this block? Greek crosses look awesome.

Stacks of blocks to press and then get back to chain piecing.

Piles growing as I plodded along.
And I actually got all the blocks pieced in a fairly short amount of time! Here it is laid out on the floor. I now have all the rows pieced and the first three rows assembled. But that was getting boring.
I love how this quilt is bright and cheerful but not too baby.
So because the repetitive piecing was getting boring, I laid out and selected the solids for the Quilt of Belonging blocks. Being in the Sew Sisters Kona solid of the month club sure has been useful for having a wide selection to choose from.
Since the photo was taken I have finished the reds and oranges. I'm hoping to get yellows done today. There will also be Kona Black in between each block to mimic the original quilt.
And for a fun bonus, I'm sharing another example of all the help I get when I'm trying to sew.
He didn't understand why lying on top of the blocks wasn't helping.
I can't link up to WIP Wednesday because Freshly Pieced has stopped doing it, but since WIP Wednesday motivates me I'm posting anyway!


  1. I heartily agree that variety reduces boredom! These look awesom!

  2. I'm working on those blocks as well...and am stalled too. Love your colour choices.

  3. Alas, I too miss the WIP Wednesday link-up. But you can always link with our pal Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social. The Greek crosses are coming along beautifully, as is the solids pull for Blocks of Belonging. Why, oh why can't you live closer, Lynn?!