Friday 20 May 2016

Quilt of Belonging: A Finished Quilt

It is finished! After collaborating with a lovely group of grade 2 students (mostly 7-year-olds), we have a finished Quilt of Belonging. Each block was created by an individual student to represent who he or she is. Then I added the colourful frames and black sashing to mimic the original quilt.
 The kids were beyond thrilled to see it, wanting to touch their blocks and oooo and awwww over others' blocks. One kid said to me "My favourite colour is green and you put mine in green!" with a grin from ear to ear.
The teaching assistant used her embroidery machine to do this block.
 The back shows how I did each block with a different free motion quilting style. Some were more successful than others but the overall effect is pretty cool.
This is half navy and half black with that rainbow stripe made of scraps from the front. Then I had to piece in that other navy print because I wanted to use what I had and not spend any more money. The rainbow idea came from quilty friend C- thanks!
The quilt will hand permanently in the school. I am just working on the QR code that will accompany it, taking people on a journey through our journey!

I'm happy I finished it...and on time for the school opening!

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  1. Awesome finish! It will made a great addition to the school.

  2. What a sweet fun quilt! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to hang out and look at your archives awhile. It was nice meeting you. I'm following. Come over and visit.