Sunday 31 July 2016

When Love Wanes

Ages ago I put together a bundle of oranges and turquoises and set it aside to make a Squares and Strips quilt. Every year it seems to make it to my "To do" list but I never get to it and I was starting to wonder why. Why was I not excited? 

I pulled out the bundle, to which I've added a couple of prints over the years, and contemplated. Once you pull fabric for a project, if that love wanes and you no longer are inspired, should you keep it in the to do pile? I decided to look at it carefully, draw it out in my sketch book, and if it still wasn't speaking to me then I would abandon it. I've learned the hard way that if I am not loving the fabrics, then the quilt itself will feel like labour instead of pleasure.
Here is the bundle.
I drew it up in my sketch book and started to fill it in. And something clicked for me. There was too much of just two colours. When I started adding more teal to the mix, like that one on the far left of that top picture, there was more depth to the quilt and more interest. And, most importantly, I was more excited.
Sometimes sketching it out helps!
So then I went into my stash and update the bundle a bit and I was much happier.
Doesn't teal make it so much better?
And then that yellow-y orange was bothering me so I pulled it, added a Lizzy House print (of course) and now I'm happy and wanting to work with it again!
Here is the new pull. This is something I could see being worth working with!
Have you had that happen? Put together a fabric pull and then had your love wane? Did you stick with it or is your less-than-loved bundle still sitting on a shelf somewhere?


  1. At the start of this post, I was totally prepared to tell you to dump the pull and go to something you love. And then you tweaked that pull... so good. Is this the Cluck Cluck Sew pattern I used for my C+S Christmas quilt?

  2. Can't wait to see this progress. I love orange! And just realized recently that orange and turquoise play well together.