Monday 24 October 2016

Diamond in the Sky: A Finished Quilt

I have made quilts for every child in a particular group of friends. As I was finishing the last quilt for the group, I realized that there was one child I was forgetting. The thing is, this little boy didn't get to be born. Tragically he would not have made it to full term, and even if he did he would never survive birth. When our friends decided to end the suffering early, it was hard. But I didn't want him to be forgotten or not spoken of. I asked the mom if I could make something for him or, if she would prefer, make a quilt and donate it to another child. She asked me to make a small quilt and to somehow incorporate stars, with the quilt being added to a memory box

Here is Diamond in the Sky, a small little quilt in memory of a tiny baby.
I opted for wonky stars and a collection of mostly Lizzy House fabric. I even backed it in a Constellation fabric. I also used a subtle Cotton+Steel plus fabric in a very light grey instead of my go-to Kona White.
Backing in blues and greys
Constellations within a star!

The stars are wonky but sweet, and both parents really loved it. They also asked me to add a star to their older child's quilt from me, so I did my first ever applique (and forgot to take a picture) of a wonky star using more Lizzy House Constellations.

Children who are lost are not ever forgotten, and I was glad that the parents trusted me to do this small task for them.


  1. This is such a great gift. It's beautiful!

  2. its beautiful and I'm sure the parents will treasure it.