Tuesday 27 December 2016

Bunnies: A Finished Quilt

My eldest daughter is eight years old, and when I returned to work when she was 10 months old (thanks to one year guaranteed maternity leaves here in Canada) a family friend was staying home with her second son who was six months older than my daughter. 

This friend has looked after both of my daughters over the last seven years and it occurred to me this past June when she helped carry yet another quilt to another one of my daughter's teachers that she deserved one of her own!

She is obsessed with bunnies (and she's terrified of birds- I don't get it) and so I decided to use the Quiet Play Geometric Bunny pattern to make her a quilt that had all of her bunnies on it...her, her husband and her three sons. The quilt is lap sized (though I didn't measure final dimensions. I never do.)

Here is Bunnies

Bunnies! I made the bunnies and then filled in around them in more Kona White. Then I improv-pieced a top and bottom border using the leftover teal bits (all Kona) because that is her favourite colour palette.
I used the famous Ikea Nummer fabric for the backing and I think it is really charming for this quilt.

This bunny is in all teals, a colour she really loves, to represent her. You can see here how I did organic diagonal crosshatching for quilting. I call it organic because when the first line wasn't perfectly straight I decided to just go for it. It would drive all of my quilting friends nuts but I still loved it!
Her three sons each have a favourite colour so of course the bunnies are in those colours, in birth order. Her husband is represented in grey. As her oldest son observed, "That grey bunny must be you, Dad, because you are so old." From the mouth of babes...

She totally loved the quilt, which was gifted as a Birthday/Christmas/Thank You present on the 19th of December, even tearing up. The label, which I didn't photograph, was written by my eight-year-old on behalf of her and her sister. 


  1. This is why we make quilts. Very nicely done. You and your friend are lucky to have each other I think.

  2. What an awesome quilt. I like how you colour coordinated to everyone's favourite colour.

  3. How fun! I'll bet she absolutely loved this!