Thursday 26 July 2012

Baby Bump's Zoo in Progress

My sister-in-law is expecting her first baby at the end of August. I knew I desperately wanted to make her a quilt, but was unsure of my skills. I bought a quilt kit from The Hobby Horse when I first began quilting because I fell in love with several fabrics in this line (and have since used several meters for baby blankets for friends). It is flannelette (my favourite!) and gender-neutral (since she and her husband opted out of finding out the sex. I'm hoping for a girl!).

This is the kit with the squares cut (by me):

Adorable, right? And sooooo soft.

I laid out all the squares for some colour balance without being too much of a pattern. I even enlisted my husband for his take on the balance of the quilt. He was very patient and helpful, thank goodness. I found the black very hard to work with- I didn't want it to jump out too much, and yet how can it not?
This was the resulting decision of block placement. 
And here I am piecing it together. It went together really easily, mostly because of the very simple design of the quilt.
This is the first backing I have ever made, and I decided I needed to piece it to include some more of the yummy fabrics. I think it looks cute, but the black stripe bothers me a tiny bit. It looks nicer once the entire quilt went together.
And this is a shot of my first time ever basting a quilt. I used fusible batting and it worked really well, especially for a novice like me! Only the very edges got a little loose with all the twisting and manipulation while I quilted. I have since used it twice more.
After I basted it, I rolled it up and put it aside to quilt the next day. My next post will have the quilting and the finished product!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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