Thursday 19 July 2012

Southern Ontario Shop Hop

This year I am in a new role at work, and it gave me the opportunity to meet and work with two fabulous ladies who turned out to also be young quilters. When we discovered our common link, we decided that a quilt shop hop in the summer was a necessity. I was excited when the plans were made and C's car pulled up in my driveway. Let the fabric shopping begin!

Our first stop was Alice's Quilt Shoppe in Erin, Ontario. C picked up a little kit for some adorable hexagons, but A and I resisted temptation (one of us would manage to maintain this measured approach to fabric shopping).

Next up was Undercover Quilts, in Fergus. Thank goodness C and A had been there before, because we missed a turn (no street signs, plus my poor navigating). I was instantly drawn to some delightful penguin fabric, and if you buy 5 fat quarters you get a sixth free! One of these FQ was not purchased from this store (I didn't like the mottled creamy fabrics available).

So cute, right? But since I could only find five that I thought worked together, I had to pick up another, random fabric for my free sixth FQ. I couldn't resist:

We then went to Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph. I am not kidding you, when I walked through the doors and saw the plethora of modern fabric on display, angels started singing. I may have been the only one to have heard them, but I attribute this to the fact that C and A have both been to the store before. I easily could have bought $1000 worth of fabric, but I held back. I did stroke the fabric lovingly and whispered to some bolts that I would be back for them. I bought:
Just one, lone fat quarter from Lucy's Crabshack. I am in love with this pattern and these colours!
These Michael Miller citron and grey fabrics were calling my name. I kept touching them and looking at them and I knew I was a goner. What a perfect combo for a modern baby quilt, don't you think?
I love these fabrics- Urban Zoologie by Ann Kelle-and caved in, buying a quilt kit so I could get maximum fabric for most immediate results. Not sure who I will make this for, but I love it!
This fat quarter bundle is Outfoxed by Lizzie House. I have eyed these fabrics online countless times, and when I saw this bundle I felt like it had been placed there for me!

And then, drumroll please...

ECHO BY LOTTA JANSDOTTER! I am shouting because I LOVE LOTTA. I have several of her books and I think her fabrics are so distinct and unique. I thought I was being very well-behaved to purchase just 5 fat quarters (I could have walked away with yards and yards, trust me).

At Greenwood Quiltery, A bought one lousy ball of yarn (though it was beautiful and soft). I was starting to think she was going to buy no fabric at all! I was equally concerned that C looked like she was going empty-handed. She did pick up one Amy Butler bag pattern (her ultimate weakness). And then I saw her eyeing some Denise Schimdt remnants. I knew I had her! (I had been eyeing the EXACT same remnants). I also talked her into some crazy purple fabric that she loves and everyone else hates (my theory? Buy it and make yourself happy!). 

We then had a lovely lunch at With the Grain (a local bakery/restaurant), courtesy of A (thanks!).

Next up? A drive to St. Jacob's. On the way, sharp-eyed A spotted Quilter's Nine Patch, an unplanned stop. I picked up a few more fabrics:
There were blue elephants similar to the giraffes in a display quilt, but alas they were all out (I would have bought a metre of it!).
I also grabbed this:
I have seen it other places and knew I needed to add some to my stash.

It is here, at Quilter's Nine Patch, that I convinced C to purchase a TO DIE FOR Amy Butler quilt pattern and kit. It was not cheap, to be sure, but is was like it was MADE for C. She is an Amy Butler addict and this quilt took all those crazy colours and patterns and turned it into the most gorgeous quilt! I definitely used some quilter peer pressure, and she definitely spent more than she planned, but I know she will love the things she bought! (Though she has sworn not to shop hop with me ever again). A bought a Dresden ruler she had been looking for all over.

We next made our way to another small quilt store- can't remember the name at the moment, since I didn't buy anything- where I found a half-price Amy Butler bag pattern that C didn't have. Hooray!

Finally we stopped in Kitchener at Creative Sisters. I tried to convince C to buy some more fabric, but she was determined not to spend another penny. (Such a shame). I bought a little bit more fabric. I really was drawn to these dots:
And then I picked up two more fat quarters in a rainbow scheme that go with a pile I am collecting for some future rainbow baby quilt.

What really makes this so crazy is that I had just been shopping for fabric in the U.S. AND I just used a gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop the week earlier (will post those purchases at a later post).

Do you see what I mean about fabric obsession??

Had a fabulous first-ever quilt hop with two super fun young quilters. I'm already planning a trip back to the Greenwood Quiltery, and A is talking about a fall shop hop. I'm in!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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  1. You are hilarious! I didn't realize you'd bought so much. And now I have another blog to read.