Sunday 5 January 2014

Boppy Cover Blues

I have a breastfeeding pillow from having my first child. It is not a Boppy, I don't think, but the Jolly Jumper version. Whatever it is, it was darn useful while feeding my first so I pulled it out for baby two, due any day.

I HATE the fabric. Well, okay, that is a little strong. It could be worse. It could be pink.
Bumblebee fabric. Not even cute bumblebees.
And so I decided to pull out some fabric that I DO love and make a cover. So I searched Pinterest and the web and was discouraged by how, well, complicated all the tutorials made it seem. I didn't want to be able to take my cover off, I didn't need a zipper, and so on. Plus, I'm huge and feeling too lazy to print out patterns and all that.

So I just winged it. I put the fabric on the floor, traced around the Boppy and then started cutting and sewing. Except I was stupid. The hole I left for turning inside out and finishing with hand sewing was in the stupid inner curvy section. Impossible to stitch, I tell you! Especially since the cover is a tad too small. Oops. That is what getting lazy gets you.
Could not get this darn thing enclosed.
So I took a deep breath and pulled it off the pillow. I stitched around the curve with my sewing machine (and some zig zag stitches for good measure) and used my seam ripper to pull out some stitches along the easily accessible outer edge.

I even pulled out my Clover Wonder Clips to help me keep the seam closed while I sewed!
These clips are pretty awesome, I have to say.
And when all was said and done, after some cursing and redoing, I got a Boppy with a new, awesome cover! Yes, it is a bit lumpy and not the best fit around some of the curves but it is much nicer to look at than those bumblebees!
Turquoise and flannelette, of course.
I'm calling this a win. It worked out to do what it needs to do. And hey, if the seams rip or something I know just what to do next time. And it won't involve zippers or patterns.


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