Sunday 26 January 2014

Colour Block Fun

I began this post (and this quilt) before my new arrival, and I now have it basted (the quilt, not my baby). I wanted to share some of the process pictures from this colour block quilt (using a pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew (Allison Harris)'s book Growing Up Modern.

Admittedly, my favourite part was playing with picking all the fabrics. Also, rainbow quilts make me terribly happy (like when I made this quilt for my older daughter).

Get ready for a picture-heavy post (and most pics are from my phone...apologies).
Red, orange and yellow stack. So in love.

These were all the red strips, cut and ready to piece. I did each colour way's cuts and then pinned them together to move through the log cabin-style giant quilt piecing.

These were my cool, turquoise, blue and purple. 

This Wrens and Friends print is not something I would have ordered for myself (it came in a Fat Quarter Shop Blogger Bundle) but I LOVE it. It might be my favourite print in the whole quilt.

This gives you a taste of all the fabrics. Some I didn't end up using, and some I did use aren't here, but isn't this delightful to just look at??

Strips ready to go.

I knew I loved it from the very first ring of yellow. SO CUTE.

And here it is, almost finished. There has since been added a 2" white border all the way around. 
It was interesting to discover during the process of finding the colours (and committing to using only my stash) that I have no dark green or dark blue as per the quilt instructions. Instead I chose to do a ring of turquoise (no shortage of THAT in my stash, and since it is supposed to be the accent colour in the nursery) and purple instead of dark blue. I think it looks awesome with this revised colour spectrum.

I am so thrilled with how it turned out. Now I just have to figure out how to quilt the darn thing. I'm thinking straight lines. But on an angle? Or maybe close horizontal quilting? And what colour? Choices, choices.


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  1. Very pretty quilt top. I like your idea of straight line quilting on an angle. Doing one big spiraling circle would also look cute on this quilt. My go to thread color for bright modern quilts like these is grey/silver. It really helps tie everything together.