Saturday 25 January 2014

New Addition

Sorry for the long gap between posts. Post-Christmas mania and being huge and pregnant meant that not much was getting done around here. And then a special delivery came on the 13th!

Emma is here!

I got as far as being ready to baste both her wall quilt and her bed quilt before she arrived, and have had basically no time (or physical or mental energy) to sew much since. I did whip up one more double-sided flannelette blanket for her which I can post later. While in labour, I seriously contemplated basting her one wall quilt. A little time passed and I came to the realization I was a bit crazy (not that that is new information).'s hoping I can now get into a routine with both my daughters and then get back to sewing soon!



  1. congratulation's she is very cute

  2. Congratulations. She looks so gorgeous. A perfect excuse for no sewing!

  3. What a beautiful excuse to take a break from sewing. Congratulation!

  4. She is absolutely beatiful! ;)