Friday 7 February 2014

Baby Quilt Progress (Though Still Not Sure How)

During the second week of being home with my new daughter, I have been sneaking in every bit of sewing I can do. Admittedly there are thousands of other things (hello, cleaning and laundry) that I should be doing, but instead I want to sew for my own sanity. I also want Emma's quilts done ASAP now that she is here!

I made a double-sided flannelette baby blanket for my new cutie.
I originally planned to focus on one baby quilt in January and one in February. I really should have a) remembered what it is like the first week with a newborn and b) recognized that I would avoid the less fun parts of quilting (like basting) as long as possible, meaning I was actually working on both quilts at once.
I basted two baby quilts (Color Block on the left, the Indian Summer quilt on the right)

I quilted the Color Block quilt.

I got the binding done on the Color Block quilt.

I managed to get the FMQing done on the Indian Summer quilt. I went with curvy organic lines and I quite like it. At least it was fast!

I couldn't believe it when I actually got to trim it!
I now have the Color Block quilt done and I am just starting the binding on the Indian Summer quilt (both of which still need names).

Maybe I will get some serious sewing in while home on leave!


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  1. I love the bears on the back of color block. Both quilts are looking great.