Thursday 3 April 2014

Can You Blame Me?

When I was shopping for a new sewing machine, I came across these delicious beauties. I certainly don't need more fabric and yet I kept stroking those two beautiful grey prints from Cloud 9. I had to have them. The grey and white polka dot will go with the other greys for two charcoal-coloured quilts I'm making (I think they are #9 and #10 on the To Do list) and the teal and white polka dot pattern (also Cloud 9) was just too perfect to resist!
Which one is your favourite?
I think I need to incorporate one of those greys into a project soon since I love it so much!

I also recently picked up 5 metres of the famous IKEA print with numbers written out. It was $3.99/m!!! I'm thrilled and it will be another quilt backing. Which quilt? Bah. Who plans out that far ahead? ;)


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