Wednesday 16 April 2014

Pillow Blahs

I finished a pillow for my (new) daughter's bedroom and I'm feeling sort of "blah" about it. I love the texture of the heavy quilting and I love the colours. I even love the size. Here it is in action:
The pillow colours are great for the nursery.

I love the quilting.

I did an enclosed backing using a Bonnie and Camille print from my stash. All this fabric was from my stash.
The "blah" part comes from the squishiness level of the pillow. I purchased it from Ikea and at 26" x 26" I was picturing a big cushy pillow. Unfortunately this pillow seems so understuffed. It is sort of limp. I could probably squish two pillows into this case and it still wouldn't be fully "puffed." I'm torn as to what to do. Do I buy another pillow insert? If so, where will I find one that exact size? Do I make my own pillow insert so I can control the "puff" level? I'm disappointed that a project I thought was done is not done- not to how I hoped it would be.
But the wee one sure does like it! And so does my cat, so I guess I can take heart in that!
What would you do?



  1. Awww, cute!! I love it. I buy my pillow forms from Joann's and they are really poofy. Sometimes TOO poofy! ;) They are pretty well priced too. I love the quilting you did too!

  2. Such a cute pillow. I really like the last picture with your daughter showing off the pillow. I'd probably open the seam on the pillow form and add more stuffing until it reached the right level of squishiness. Crazy Mom Quilts has a pretty good tutorial for making your own pillow form.

  3. I would never, ever buy another Ikea pillow form. Lesson learned.