Friday 18 April 2014

The Real Deal

After posting my Sew Sisters giveaway, my quilting friend A suggested a trip out to the "real deal." I have ordered from them a ton of times but it is not really that close for a drive. I thought her suggestion to go in person was a great one, especially since I really needed Kona Black and they have so much Kona!

The outside of the shop- and the location in general- is unexpected. It is sort of in this industrial/commercial area and in a less-than-beautiful building.
Outside the store.
But inside is fantastic! As soon as you walk in the door you are hit by all the delicious Kona!
This doesn't even begin to show how much Kona they have!

Large, industrial ceilings but a lovely vibe inside.

These were my favourite Konas. Of course. I have a turquoise problem.
Our friend C ended up coming with us and we all bought some goodies. I got that needed Kona Black, and some damask to finish a quilt for a friend (I'll blog about that whole story some time later). I also love this Art Gallery fabric and it was in the clearance room! So was that Joel Dewberry print. It was so inexpensive I couldn't resist! For the first time I can remember, C and I bought the same fabric (the Joel Dewberry). We have very different tastes so maybe we're spending too much time ogling fabric together? 
I also picked up some Aurafil (love) and two discount fat quarters (some Laurie Wisbrun and a little grey eyelet from DS).
I was a great success and I got to use that black right away to finish up The Dark Side. I would definitely trek back there again, especially for that discount room. So much fabric! So little time!


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  1. I live about 14 hours away from Sew Sisters... So I will have to rely on the online shopping experience, but I would love to meet the ladies thatrun and work in the shop because they are always so friendly and helpful. Thanks for the mini tour!