Sunday 12 August 2012

HST QAL: April Block

I find sewing to be calming and enjoyable. I know that my quilting and sewing time will be cut by a huge amount in a few weeks when I am back to work, and I am dreading getting only little chunks of sewing time here and there. I am squeezing every last bit of sewing time out of my busy summer, and I'm sewing for myself currently. I am making HST blocks for the QAL over at In Color Order.

 This is what Jeni's April block looks like:
Photo courtesy of In Color Order

Cute pinwheels, right? I have been assembling my blocks using the alternative method, and so far I am loving it. My accuracy is getting better and better, and for the first time I am actually using some of the markings in the middle of my cutting mat!
I have decided that I really need the non-slip grips for the bottom of my ruler, and I like those grippy handles most quilt stores have for their employees as they cut yardage. Add it to my shopping list!

Here is my finished April block:
I was a little concerned about the value of the light pink fabric in the bottom left, but went with it because Jeni also chose a very light fabric to go in her block. I do like it, but I still have some reservations. When the whole quilt is together it might look great- or it might disappear. This is the learning process I was talking about!

I was quite proud of my piecing the points of the pinwheels for this block. Now, they are not perfect my any stretch of the imagination but if you look at my piecing from even 3 months ago, these are much improved. I am taking real care with the pinning, which I think helps.
The pinwheel's intersection looks pretty great!
I now already have the squares pulled for my May block. I am so pleased I found this QAL!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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