Wednesday 14 May 2014

Fabric Should be a Controlled Substance

A dear friend of mine is having me make two quilts (doubles!) for her two young sons. She gave me the palette- dark grey- and then pretty much free reign. I have been checking in on some major components (like the backing) but otherwise she has trusted me. And I guess she has fabric on the mind because she decided she wanted some pillows made for her living room. We went to one store (really to gossip more than shop for pillow fabric) and then had to book another date to get serious about the pillows.

My quilty friend A is very talented and will be making this friend the pillows (with hidden zippers and such things that are beyond me at this point). A recommended we try a place in Hamilton, Ontario on Ottawa Street called European textiles. I was expecting mainly home decor weight fabric but they actually have two stores almost side by side and one of them has loads of quilting fabric! And god, modern fabrics at that! Here is a glimpse of the store from the front.
All along that back wall, on the centre tables and the far right wall is tons of fabrics that are 100% cotton and quilting weight.
I wanted about 1000 fabrics but settled on one measly 1/2 metre of this awesome Riley Blake fabric I've been eyeing online.

Riley Blake Rocket Age Blast in Navy
I also bought a new pillow form for my nursery pillow that I was unhappy about. It is a big 26x26" pillow in goose down and it is huge and puffy and perfect! I'm so much happier with the pillow now that a quality insert is being used!

My friend chose some amazing fabrics. I won't post all the pictures, but I had to share this inspiration linen fabric she ended up falling in love with.
Honestly the limes, greys and turquoises are what I am drawn to and I was shocked by her bold but gorgeous choice!
She had so much fun fabric shopping and bought way more than she planned (enough for two complete sets of pillow covers plus enough for a giant pillow for her two young boys to flop on when reading). She is now talking about going fabric shopping again to have pillows made for her bed! She's addicted! I know the dangerous path to fabric obsession all too well, but I'm not going to discourage her, that's for sure. 

Are you addicted too?



  1. I grew up in Hamilton and way back then there were about 5 or 6 fabric stores on those 2-3 blocks. Try picking out fabric then. Brings back memories.

  2. Without question... I fear the day when the closet in my studio is needed for something else and I have to move my fabric stash out. And I keep saying I need to stop. Controlled substance - I agree wholeheartedly!