Friday 29 January 2016

When Someone Says "I Quilt Too!"

I have been doing a project at work (I'm an Instructional Coach who supports teachers) that involves quilting. It is super awesome and I will do a big post on it but for now I want to address what happens when someone tells me she quilts too.

The teaching assistant(TA) in the class I'm working with eagerly told me that she, too, is a quilter. She is about 10 years old than I am (not surprising since I am always the youngest quilter) and she volunteered to bring in some fabrics to share for the project.

When the teacher was packing up the remaining fabric, she put all the fabrics together (the ones I brought and the ones the TA brought). I sorted the scraps when I got home and immediately discovered the error. Here are the bits that belong to this lovely woman:
Oh my. Do I see batiks? And muted, mottled fabrics in cream and pink and green?
I'm terrible, I know, to judge. I'm hoping she loves these fabrics and loves quilting. But they are DEFINITELY not my taste, nor what I would count as modern quilting. To be honest if THIS is what fabrics all looked like and were all I had available or saw on Instagram and on blogs I would not have started quilting. Period. 

Really what matters is that people buy and sew with what they love, and not feel drawn to any one designer or trend because it is big. Check out my latest addition, courtesy of my hubby:
Delicious, delicious Carkai.
A little different, no?

So, again, when someone tells me "I quilt too!" my first thought is a skeptical one- "But I bet you're not a modern quilter!"

How do you feel? Do you find yourself judging others' fabric tastes even when it is not fair? (And I know it is not). Do you ask more questions when someone tells you they are also a quilter?


  1. I think it's cool that you've been able to bring quilting into your work. Yes, everyone should buy what they love, but sometimes, I wonder what people are thinking. ha ha ha ha But I know someone is probably judging my choices, so all is good. Have fun with Carkai.

  2. "To each their own" is pretty much my mantra when it comes to fabric. It's tough when people are offering you stuff though! Sometimes I find myself wanting to like certain modern designers because they're "in" but they just don't speak to me. I don't judge you for judging. :)

    P.S. That box of Carkai is AWESOME!!!!

  3. I try not to judge but sometimes I do. I try to look at the skill involved instead of the colour/fabric choices and that helps. Yes, I always ask more questions - isn't that how we got connected quilting.