Wednesday 27 January 2016

WIP Wednesday: Jumping Between Projects But Not Starting New Ones

This Wednesday I can say that I am making progress on tackling my "must finish" quilts for January/February. I have been very, very tempted to start new projects, mostly I think because picking fabrics is probably my favourite parts of making a quilt.

My Welcome to Canada Quilt is just waiting for me to hand sew the binding down on the back, and for me to add the label sent by the organizer.

I also sewed one of two missing borders on my daughter's modern I-Spy quilt and prepped the other border but still have not sewn it on. I have the fabric for the backing but prepping backing is sort of boring sewing, you know what I mean?

I managed to sew together the quilt top for my husband's cousin's baby, due in late February. This baby gets a gender neutral quilt because mom and dad opted not to find out the sex. They are outdoors sort of people. I think I'm going to name it Canadian Wilderness.

You can see the backing peeking through- a mustard with trees, accented with a white with mustard trees. 
The whites in this baby quilt are very cream, and it is quite busy (which is why I added those delicious solid teal blocks) but I hope the parents like it. I need to get on this so I can mail it to Ottawa on time!

I also prepped a whole bunch of paper piecing templates for a quilt for my new nephew coming in March. It is going to be epic!

I am proud that I have not
a) bought any new fabric (not that I'm on a fast, per say, but more that I'm buying only things I truly LOVE)
b) started any new sewing projects.

Perhaps I can get these done in time!

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  1. Love "Canadian Wilderness" as a name for this! :) I've never made a "tumbler" quilt, it's really cute!

  2. Good for you. I want to try not to buy any fabric for a while, too. But I had to for a specific project I'm working on...does that count?

  3. I think the solid teal was a great addition. Congrats on not buying fabric or starting new projects.

  4. Good for you in sticking to your goals for the month. There's nothing wrong with a little quilt ADD if it gets the job done! I was inspired by you donating a quilt to a Syrian newcomer to Canada and sent one of my hoarded baby quilts to the family my in-laws are sponsoring in Cape Breton.