Tuesday 23 October 2012

Am I Cheating?

I am more than half way through the month of October and so far I have not given in to any of the many temptations to buy fabric. 

The closest to cheating that I plan to come this month is my Sew Sisters Kona Solids of the Month Club, a monthly delivery of four Kona solid fat quarters based on an inspiration photograph. I say it is not cheating because it is a club I was already subscribed to. My husband says it is cheating because the charge for the month appears in October, therefore it counts as buying fabric in October. What do you think?

One way or the other, my fabric arrived! 
This was the inspiration photograph:
A dark and spooky Halloween picture! I was thrilled to see that instead of the predictable orange and black, my solids were four shades of grey. I am in heaven! (I LOVE grey!).

Here are the fat quarters:

From left to right: Kona Black, Kona Charcoal, Kona Coal and Kona Iron.
I am absolutely in love with the Kona Charcoal. That would be the colour I would choose for a quilt for me, or perhaps for my husband. The Kona Iron is light and sweet and would be perfect in a baby quilt that had greys.

I am thrilled that I "cheated" but also looking forward to November so I can buy fabric!

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. Definitely not cheating. It goes under "unavoidable costs" or "predetermined spending".

  2. Not cheating. It's survival.

  3. So glad you like them! :) We really like the spooky Halloween too.