Wednesday 3 October 2012

HST QAL: October Block (Feeling Rusty)

In the summer I came across an HST quilt along by Jeni of In Color Order. I caught up very quickly, making most of the blocks in a one month period. September took a long time to get here, and October seemed even longer! Finally October 1st arrived, and though it meant the start of my fabric fast, it also meant a new block of the month.

I also have a new iPhone (no, not the 5) which means that I now can play with Instagram. Hooray! I do not plan on using Instagram photos on this blog often, but I had to try it out.
I call it HST love.
This is what Jeni's block looks like:
Photo courtesy of In Color Order

And this is what my block looks like:
Why is the picture sideways? Because my computer was not cooperating. I tried every which way to rotate this photo and it didn't work. It has never happened before.
My pinning is obviously rusty because some of the piecing is horrendous, hence my blog post title. I made most of the other blocks close together while I was still sewing every day. Just like students who forget skills over the summer, my lack of sewing is causing my skill set to decrease. Sad but true. Obviously I need to find a way to sew more regularly!

Oh well, the block is still cute (and I have visions of an all HST chevron quilt in my future).

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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  1. The HST sounds like a fun challenge. Just think of all the practice you'll get making a whole quilt!

  2. Great start to your chevron quilt! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday this week where I've enjoyed guest-hosting!