Thursday 18 October 2012

Chevron Lust

For the month of October I am on a fabric fast. I can't buy any fabric. It is a self-imposed fast (though my husband is delighted) and there has already been tons of temptation (did you know that Pink Castle Fabrics is having a moving sale? 25% off everything with the code MOVING. I'm dying!).

Knowing that the fast was coming up, I ordered fabric on September 29. I knew it would arrive in October and perhaps help with the new fabric withdrawal (can you tell I have a problem?).

I had been drooling over the new Riley Blake Chevrons since they first started popping up around the blogosphere, and this was my excuse to order them.

Here is the delicious rainbow of fat quarters from Westwood Acres:

These are my favourites (no shock there!):

I already have 1000 ideas for these babies and I would not be shocked if some yardage ends up in my stash sometime soon (though not in October!).

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. I was attracted to your blog because the title had "buttons" in it - I love buttons! I also love your new fabric, and I hope I never put myself on a fabric fast for a month - the only way I could do it would be if I couldn't get on the computer or to to a fabric store...please don't let that ever happen!!

  2. wow, I took a breeze through your blog, you have some very nice quilts! I al in love with the chevrons too, thinking I would like to do the chevron pattern on a quilt, but my to-do list is high enough

  3. These are gorgeous fabrics. So pleased you found a way round the fast. I enjoyed seeing the progress on your Dr S quilt in the previous post, too.

  4. I love this fabric line - I lust after them every time I visit my quilting store!