Sunday 7 October 2012

The Basting Fairy Heard Me Complaining

I am taking advantage of every spare second this holiday long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving, in case you were wondering) and tackling tasks that are not normally my favourite (basting being number one on that list). I complained about basting a couple of posts ago and I guess the basting fairy heard me. While tackling the basting of my mom's quilt (in a "I just want to get this done" mood), my 505 Basting Spray ran out. I had just finished basting the backing and the batting and pssssssssssst- can was done.

My husband was out grocery shopping for Thanksgiving at the time (he is the chef at our house) and I texted him to get me some, which he did (dear man). Success! A basted quilt!
Unbasted quilt. This is where I ran out of 505.
I was so annoyed with basting, however, that I decided to hop onto a project that has been sitting, neglected, for months. I recently bought a stack of flannelette to make double sided baby blankets. I picked all girly fabrics because the fabrics I naturally gravitate towards are boyish. Also, I bought the fabric before my nephew was born and I was betting on him being a girl. Not so!

I made this double sided super cozy blanket:

And I also pressed and folded all the remaining flannelette yardage that had been sitting in a clean but unorganized stack in my laundry room. All of these prints came from my local Fabricland, which when there is a member's sale has some decent fabrics. I guess it is the Canadian equivalent of a Jo-Ann's, but 20% of the size and no real quilting selection.

I do get the feeling, however, that a quilter's "To Do" list is never done.

Back to sewing I go!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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