Friday 19 April 2013

Adventures in Free Motion

I have been tackling the free motion quilting of Comma Sutra and it has been a beast. The quilt isn't even all that large but because of my quilting decisions it is a pain in the butt!
You see, I decided to quilt each coloured square with a matching thread (and white in the bobbin) and that is a pain because there are quite a few colours (white, light grey, dark grey, yellow, green, orange, black) and even within one block there are often two or more colours needed. See the next picture as an example of what I mean:
I had to use yellow on 3/4 triangles and white on the white background triangle.
I have had lots of "help."
This helper has been on the quilt every chance he can get!
I also have been hitting a few problems with the FMQ. Generally my machine, an inexpensive Brother, has NO tension issues or problems like this. This is unusual. I needed to stop when this happened because of neck and shoulder pain and general frustration.
I have also worked a little on my grandmother's quilt, piecing the rows of rectangles:

And though I haven't had lots of time to sew, I am thrilled that we are finally getting bits of sunshine which gives me more energy in general to sew. It is, however, calling for snow tomorrow. I am unimpressed.

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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  1. I love your quilt! I have a Brother Innovis and mine does that same thing every now and then. I figured out that it's a bobbin issue. I've taken the bobbin out and either just remove a little bit of thread from it and pop it back in and no problems...or just rewind it. I usually just do the first thing and that solves the problem. You have some great projects going!