Thursday 18 April 2013


A package arrived for me today from Pink Castle Fabrics. I always know it is going to be good mail when I open my small mailbox and there is a key inside for the big compartment. There is a compartment A- big packages and a compartment B- REALLY big packages. Today it was a B key. :)

I picked up a fat quarter bundle of Tasha Noel's Little Red Riding Hood for a baby girl due in August to friends C & P. I already have about 500 other ideas for this baby, so I'm really having to control myself. Here is the line:
Fat Quarter Bundle

A fabulous selection of patterns and colours, all tiny and adorable in a way that is usually too sweet for my taste.
This is my favourite print by far.
Look how sweet Little Red is!
 I also HAD to order a fat quarter bundle of text prints, a bundle which sold out in about 30 seconds last time Pink Castle had it up. I love these text prints and want to find some creative ways to use them.

My mind is swirling with options.
This is my favourite print of the bunch, from Architextures. Honestly, that line is to DIE for.

Here are both bundles together.
You can see, with that stack, why this post is titled Gluttony.

On another note, I have finished the "straight" line quilting in the white sashing on Comma Sutra and now I am loosely stippling the coloured blocks using matching thread on top and white on the bottom. I hope it looks amazing when it is done because it has involved some serious quilt wrangling!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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