Wednesday 10 April 2013

Tumbling Jungle Quilting

I have finished the quilting on Tumbling Jungle, a baby quilt for my neighbours who are expecting their fourth boy at the end of April. I used a tumbler template for the first time and I am smitten.

I used a wavy stitch with a long stitch length to do the wavy quilting through the tumbler blocks. They are spaced about 1" away from the smaller end of each tumbler, two lines per column.

I then mimicked the pattern in one of the fabrics with FMQ around the border (which is Kona Chartreuse, I believe). It was so much fun to quilt this way- loose, overlapping, wiggly and playful. I think it is a fun pattern and I will probably do it again when I use Bungle Jungle in the upcoming quilts I will be making for friends expecting triplets this fall.

I also tried something totally new for me- quilting a word using FMQ. The baby's name will be Hunter, so I used my fabric marker and wrote it out in a way that I thought would work, then quilted over the writing. The H did not turn out very well, but the rest looks pretty good for a first attempt, so I'm thrilled! Plus it is a little unexpected detail that might take them a few looks to notice, and I love that!

Here is a shot of the back where the solid meets the white-on-white alphabet. Fun, right?

Now I need to trim and pick a binding (I'm torn about this one...I'm thinking a red) and get on sewing the binding down because Hunter will be here soon!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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