Monday 8 April 2013

Gearing up for Grandma

I was able to get a nice chunk of sewing in this past Sunday when my husband took our daughter on a date to the movies and then to the park. The house to myself with time to sew? Heavenly.

I finished piecing Comma Sutra, a quilt destined for a couple getting married June 1st. I now need to figure out the backing (I have several options) and the binding, and then get to work getting it done! Some of the points do not match up very well (thanks to my poor trimming skills, not the quilt pattern) but the impact overall is pretty awesome.

I also managed to baste and quilt(!) this sweet baby tumbler quilt for our neighbour who is having her fourth boy at the end of April (assuming he doesn't come early). I will do a separate post on the quilting (which I LOVE).

And I pressed all the fat quarters for my Grandmother's quilt, due for her birthday June 5. I think I am going to do simple stacked rectangles. This is my favourite print in the bunch (not surprisingly, the most modern):

I am hoping I get to finish the baby quilt this week, and make the backing for Comma Sutra. I also wouldn't mind if I managed to get the cutting of all the rectangles done for my Grandmother's quilt. That is a pretty long list for someone with as busy a schedule as mine, however, so we'll see what I actually have done come Friday night! I consider this the stage of "Gearing Up for Grandma" because her quilt is next to be done!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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