Thursday 9 May 2013

Future Quilts for Possum

I have the privilege of having been friends with someone for my entire life. My mother and my friend C's mother were best friends before either of us were born, and she was born six months before I was. We have been friends ever since, sometimes going long stretches without talking to each other or seeing each other but always easily and naturally picking up on our friendship when we are together. We were in each other's weddings, hers happening seven years after mine. C's wedding was last September, and, not surprisingly, she and her husband are already expecting their first baby!

I am thrilled that C is having a little girl. The day they had the ultrasound confirming the sex I ordered some fabric. We have been calling the baby Possum Blossom (since they are keeping names a secret and because why not have a silly rhyming name until she gets here in August?). The other weekend, however, both C and her husband, P, spent the weekend at my house while their house was busy with an real estate open house. C decided to raid my fabric stash and we put together two additional bundles of fabric for possible future quilts for Possum. I already warned them these ones may have to wait until 2014!

Possum's Eggplant & Mustard Quilt:

The background fabric was the starting point (C loves the eggplant) and the rest were also all pulled for my stash. This is a very classy baby quilt!
Here is Eggplant and Mustard in a stack. Pretty, right?
Possum's Pretty Paisley Quilt:
That is a Heather Baily print as the jumping-off point, and the other FQs were pulled to complement the numerous colours in the inspiration fabric.

Here is Pretty Paisley in a stack.
The Dad-to-be liked both stacks, but preferred the Pretty Paisley pull. Mom-to-be really likes the eggplant. Possum herself moved around the most when mom stood in front of Pretty Paisley. So I guess she was the tie-breaker! In reality, both stacks are tied up and saved for Possum. I will happily make this little girls dozens of quilts! Of course, Possum is extra lucky in that her Grandmother is a skilled quilter (who does everything- even piecing- by hand!) and her Great Aunt is also a very talented quilter. The fun, though, is that I am the modern quilter amongst them, so though all quilts will be made with love, my fabric choices are more to mom and dad's taste.

C has not seen the fabrics I have already picked for Possum's quilt for her baby shower. Here they are, from the Little Red Riding Hood line:
Those greys are so precious!
I have since also added a print from Lotta Jansdotter's Glimma line. I love how these turquoises and greys look together with the little pops of red!



  1. I'm a new follower...looking forward to seeing the finished quilts.

  2. I was siding with the mom's love of the eggplant until I saw the Little Red Riding Hood pull. All three will be lovely quilts, but I am really excited to see that last one.