Thursday 16 May 2013

Plus One

Friends J & R are expecting their first (and probably only) child this coming July. They are having a little boy, but I had already chosen the fabric (Camp Sur) before they knew because this fabric is so appropriate for mom (an avid camper).

This is the combination of fabrics I selected. It is mostly Camp Sur with some Lotta Jansdotter.

I used a pattern from Jeni of In Color Order and I used post-its to label the rows and columns. When you start laying this out in can get confusing quickly!

This was the layout I first went with, then I changed some of those turquoises because they were a little too similar.

My husband thinks I used too many of the turquoise colour so some of the pluses blend together. He said he couldn't even tell they were pluses, but I got a second opinion who said they definitely look like pluses. I do agree that next time I would use more varied colourways to accentuate the plus shape.

This is a bad photo of the quilt top, pieced and sewn together. I have it basted and ready to go for quilting, hopefully right after I finish quilting my grandmother's birthday quilt.

What do you think? Can you tell there are pluses?



  1. Hi Lynn. Yes I can see the pluses. Loving that bear fabric!

  2. You can definitely see the pluses. I like the fact that the pluses are more subtle, they act like an optical illusion that draws you deeper into the quilt.