Saturday 18 May 2013

My Co-workers are Awesome

I purchased the pattern Zipper from Thimble Blossoms a little while ago and have all the materials necessary to make two of them- one for my father-in-law who turns 60 this year and one for my own father for his birthday.

After I printed out the pattern...

I noticed this:

There is a template that I need to cut out and use again and again and again with a jelly roll to get the shapes to make the "zipper." Now, my job is a bit hard to explain but I essentially have nine sets of co-workers, and at one of my work locations I work with a group of Technology teachers with whom I have a great relationship. I inquired about the possibility of cutting my template out of acrylic and...

Ta da! An acrylic template, cut from scrap in the shop, supervised by the teacher and done by the students. It is perfect! It will save me lots of swearing while trying to cut out all these shapes.

This leads me to my post title: My Co-workers are awesome!!



  1. Right place, right time, right people! That's a much better idea that using paper! I like the pattern, too.

  2. That is awesome. I've heard of people using those plastic folders found in the school section, but this is way better.