Monday 27 May 2013

Birthday Boxed Zipper Pouch

My sister-in-law was with us on a trip last summer to Pittsburgh where I dragged my husband to a quilt store and purchased loads of fabric. When I got back to the hotel I spread the goodies out to show my sister-in-law and mother-in-law, and E, my SIL, jumped on this fabric:

I believe it is Moi from the Sophie fabric line for Moda. She loved it- she even stroked it- and I knew I had to save it for something for her. 

Then I got the idea of doing a boxed zipper pouch for her out of the fabric and thought it would make a perfect birthday present. I did a practice one first since I have never made something with a zipper before, and then I jumped in to making hers!

The lining is an Art Gallery fabric and looks absolutely awesome with the Moi.
Now that I've gifted it to her I can show these pictures. I love using fabric that people love to make them gifts! I filled it up with some nail polish and Burt's Bees goodies and I think it is a perfect gift!


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