Saturday 1 June 2013

Dragging Myself to the Finish Line

My grandmother's birthday is June 5, and I knew I wanted to make her a quilt because she was very jealous of the one I made for my mom for Christmas. I chose a fat quarter bundle I received as part of my Fat Quarter Blogger's Bundle of the Month from Fat Quarter Shop because the fabrics were much more traditional than my usual taste and I thought they might suit my grandmother.

This quilt has been nothing but a headache. I think working with fabrics I don't really like means I enjoy the process less. I have been forcing myself through the completion of the quilt and now I'm finally at binding stage. I put the binding on by machine, went to start hand binding the back and *snap* a broken thread. I tried again. *snap*

This quilt is a nightmare!

I've decided to machine-stitch the stupid binding on just to get the darn thing done before I toss it out the window!

I sure hope my Grandma appreciates her quilt because this is by far my least favourite one to make to date!



  1. She'll love it - hang in there!

  2. Oh Lynn! I feel your struggles. I have and have had a quilt or two like this. I am truly beginning to understand the heart that is in quilting. Hang in there. Your love for your grandmother will get you through. She may never know what it has "cost" you, but I'm sure she will love it and be thrilled.