Wednesday 26 June 2013

Lily Garden: A Finished Quilt

This past Christmas I gifted a quilt to my mom and my grandmother, then 88, was very jealous. I decided that for her 89th birthday this past June 5th I would surprise her with a quilt of her own.

This quilt, Lily Garden (my grandmother's name is Lily), has been a nightmare. I should have known better than to use fabric I didn't love. I was using it because it came in my Fat Quarter Blogger Bundle of the Month Club and I didn't know what else I would use that combination to create. I have since become much more relaxed about "breaking up the set" when getting a blogger bundle, and this quilt is why.

It also had constant issues. I made up the pattern/layout and then hated it and changed my mind. The thread kept breaking when I was quilting it. The thread kept breaking when I was trying to hand sew the binding on the back (I gave up and went machine). is done! It is on the way to Grandma's house (through the woods and past the Big Bad Wolf?) next weekend with my mom.

I hope she loves it! (And trust me, at 89 if my Grandma doesn't like it, she'll be sure to tell me).
Scrappy binding of small, flowery prints from my stash that I wouldn't probably use otherwise.

Lily Garden: front

Perhaps it looks nicer horizontal?

Backing: Two prints from my stash (origin unknown) and lots of my absolute favourite Kona solid: Artichoke 
Detail of both prints and quilting on reverse of quilt
Bundled and ready to head to Grandma's
Phew! I'm glad this one is done. Remind me to only quilt with fabrics I love from now on, okay?


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  1. It's really very lovely. From the pictures it looks like all the fabrics / colors go well together.

  2. It is pretty and Im sure she will love it. My husband tells me all the time I am too critical of my own work. He says the grandkids love my quilts because I made them... even if they are not perfect!