Thursday 4 July 2013

Sugar Block Catch-Up: One Block at a Time

I am pathetically behind in my Stitchery Ditchery Dock Sugar Block Club Block of the Months. This is partially because after my first attempt at paper piecing I am avoiding the paper piecing for as long as possible. Also, with all the quilt deadlines, it seemed indulgent to stop and make even the non-paper pieced blocks. I tried to rectify that today by getting my (February? March?) block done:

My fabric choices and pieces cut. I don't love that Allison's pieces have odd sizes (like 1 7/8") but I'm doing my best. Maybe I need a Sizzik? Or Go Baby?

I think it was from Allison's blog that I learned how to mark squares.

Here are the pieces ready to assemble. A reminder that I am using a Blogger Bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts. I think she would be proud of my choices!

And here is the finished block! The points aren't perfect but they aren't bad, either, and I love how the fabrics work together. 

And now I am feeling super inspired to tackle another block! I did pause and do some cutting for a quilt due too soon in the future, but I think the next Sugar Block block is next on the list! (The non-paper pieced one that is!)


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