Wednesday 31 July 2013

Fabricworm Delivery and Choosing a Solid

Though I am in a fabric fast, I had some packages that were pending. My Fabricworm order arrived and I wanted to share my purchases.

This Fabricworm custom bundle is something I have eyed again and again and when I ordered the other bundle (mentioned in a bit) and the shipping would be the same if I added this beauty, I knew I had to have it. I love the orange, blue, green colour scheme and the science fabric.

 How cute is this graph paper science fabric? Adorable! Not sure which baby will get a Science-themed quilt in the future, but does it matter? LOVE.
 Now, the actual reason I HAD to place an order at Fabricworm is because they were having a 20% off bundles and there was this Star Wars bundle:
 Our close friends have three sons. Son #2 is 5 and got Superhero Mashup for his birthday. Son #3 is 5 months old and received Things That Go and Bouncing Bunnies. Son #1 is 8 and I have not made him a quilt. Solution for this Star Wars-crazed boy? A Star Wars-themed quilt, of course! I'm hoping to make it for his ninth birthday next June.
This is my favourite print.
I HATE these solids. Do you see the texture? I hate that texture. Give me Kona Solids any day. These solids are going in my "ugly" box.
A delicious stack. Stacks of fabric are one of my favourite things!
I also am thinking ahead to after Zipper in Time and know that I have four baby quilts to make in a short period of time. Two of those quilts are for our friends who are having twins in September/October, one boy and one girl. I am making quilts using Bungle Jungle but in different colour ways. I chose the pattern Tagged from Allison Harris' book Growing Up Modern. I didn't think about the fact that I would need a solid to go around each block. I pulled out my Kona Colour Card (so handy) and decided that Kona Canary would work for both quilts (the boy quilt will be blue, green and green with yellow around each block; the girl quilt will be turquoise, grey and white with yellow around each block). 
Finding the perfect complimentary solid.
After some hunting for stores that carry Canary (say that five times fast) I tracked some down at a favourite sort-of local QS, Greenwood Quiltery. They have 3m set aside for me to go pick up this weekend.

Though that raises a dilemma. I am supposed to be fasting. I don't count the yellow since I need it to finish two quilts. But this week is my birthday, so shouldn't I be able to buy a little fabric for fun while I am there? We'll have to see what happens!


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