Tuesday 16 July 2013

Embellish Me

I am a big fan of fabric designer Laurie Wisbrun. I particularly love her unusual animal choices: I have some lions, llamas and polar bears from various lines.

When I saw her book at my local library, I scooped it up. It is called Embellish Me: How to Print, Dye and Decorate With Fabric. 

The book!
Now, admittedly, I have no intention of dying, printing or embellishing anything. I knew this book would probably not offer me a lot in terms of projects, but I thought it might be yummy eye candy. And it is! Here is one peek at a favourite spread:
Bright, cheery colour inspiration
There are chapters on different techniques: embellishment, dye work, printing, etc.
The chapter numbers are even embellished!
There are lots of interviews with various artisans which can be inspirational:

I certainly enjoyed flipping through this book and getting some hits of colour and pattern for inspiration, but it is not something I would add to my book collection.

I did order some of her fabric line Holiday Sweet Tweets, so I think that hits some of my Laurie Wisbrun fandom in a more appropriate area...buying fabric! (I'm quite talented at this).


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